Needle Felting


First tryout on needle felting

Picked up a new hobby not long ago and the result is as below~ Yup! It's needle felting. 


The next challenge is going to be a chibi character from an otoge~ お楽しみに

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[Needle Felting] Vitamin X - Madamare Mizuki

P5110017cropped copy

Character copyright @D3P
Needle felted by me

Inspiration from one of the Vitamin X limited goodies design: Madarama Mizuki as God Hermes from Aesop's famous [The Golden Axe].


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[Needle Felting] Okamiden - Kurow

P6150015cropped copy

Character copyright @Capcom
Needle felted by me

Made this in memory of Kurow as well as a present for my friend who is a big fan of him 

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[Needle Felting] Tales of The Abyss - Mieu


Character copyright @Namco Tales Studio
Needle felted by me

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