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Discovered G+ hang out application a few days back and unexpectedly, it is seriously fun with its own chat box plus video conference (too bad that I don't have web camera but I do have headphone with mic built-in ). So, it has become a routine for me to sign-in to the Hang Out every night, joining Naoko, Edrei, Mogi(sometimes) and Akane(recently) for a random video chat, from IT talks(I'm not bored when you guyz are talking about this, serious. I'm planning to buy an android phone in the future so listening to this is a good thing for me (^∀^)) to any fandom that we can come out with at that point of time. 

With Akane, Naoko and me, the three of us successfully made the only guy, Edrei, in the chat to play the Ace Investigation 1 yesterday(Gyakuten virus spreading mission is successful!!!! ). Both Naoko and me frantically digged our own hard-disks and googling out the necessary software and rom for him and when he started playing it, we had a good laugh at his voice acting  . Seeing how well he voiced Edgey and Gumshoe, Akane put a challenge up front; To voice Oldbag when he played till certain chapter. Well, definitely worth to look forward to when he reached the chapter where Oldbag first appeared 

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