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[Review] Movie - Wonderful World by Namikawa Daisuke3


Directed by: Namikawa Daisuke

Official Site: Wonderful World

Main movie appearance: 
片山誠志  - 宮野真守(Miyano Mamoru)
福島成実  - 上原歩(Uehara Ayumi)
片山晃一  - 浪川大輔(Namikawa Daisuke) 
田中晶子   - 平田裕香(Hirata Yuka)
中村良治  - 森久保祥太郎(Morikubo Shoutarou)
珍念  - 杉田智和(Sugita Tomokazu)
三上紗季  - 甲斐田裕子(Kaida Yuko)
熊田次郎  - 小山剛志(Koyama Tsuyoshi)
大田俊介  - 夢人(彩冷える)(Yumehito/Ayabie)
野間文夫  - ヒロシ(Hiroshi)
ヘムの住人MR0  - 関智一(Seki Tomokazu)
南智子  - 長沢美樹(Nagasawa Miki)
天村マヤ  - 斎賀みつき(Saiga Mitsuki)
田島幸三  - 勝杏里(Katsu Anri)
長岡医院の看護師 - 大浦冬華(Oura Fuyuka)
龍興  - マフィア梶田(Mafia Kajita)
お弁当屋  - 小堀友里絵(Kobori Yurie)
伊藤篤志  - 小山力也(Koyama Rikiya)
西川芳高  - 藤原啓治(Fujiwara Keiji)
木崎潤一郎  - 山寺宏一(Yamadera Koichi)
弦仁院竜斎&木島夢蔵 - 内海賢二(Utsumi Kenji)

Spin-off appearance:
Morikawa Toshiyuki - Inhabitant of HEM Mr. 1
Iwata Mitsuo -  Inhabitant of HEM Mr. 2
Seki Tomokazu -  Inhabitant of HEM Mr. 0
Morikubou Shoutaro -  Inhabitant of HEM Mr. 3

Human aren't aware of the existence of the second parallel world, the HEM. The entrance to HEM is open when human are asleep and this brings them to another world with another inhabitants. The behaviours of every inhabitants in HEM reflect the hidden emotions of each of them in which is usually the opposite of their usual appearance in reality. However, once they are awaken from their sleep, the world returned back into reality whereby everything that ever happened or existed in the HEM is forgotten. Only a few of the human who travelled into HEM remembered the whole ordeals and one of them; Seiji. While he is trying to balance his working life and his love life, he is also suffering from the guilt of causing his brother, Kouichi went into a long coma in the hospital as a result of an incident during their childhood. He has sleepness nights of remembering travelling into HEM and the whole ordeals which involves not only his brother but also the familiar people around him who died one by one in the world of HEM. Once he is awake from his sleep, to his horror, he finds all of the inhabitants of HEM who died right in front of his eyes, also faces death in reality either in accidents, murders or suicides. 

I don't really put a high hope when I finally found this movie to watch after waiting for almost 2 years. To my surprise, it exceeded my expectation. You can find little scenes on the location while the major part of this film focusing on a group of inhabitants of HEM and their ordeals with hidden emotions in a fully white background(well, since this movie main point is the HEM world). The acting isn't as bad as I thought. Mamo managed to bring out his character well and this praise goes to the other actors/actresses in this movie as well although majority of them comprises of voice actors(not real actors in real life). 

The storyline is simple and straight-forward with some humours as seasoning here and there. Some of the characters interaction is however, broken somewhere. I think that a few of the characters aren't even needed in this movie as they aren't really linking well with the whole story: They appeared and disappeared immediately in the next scene and their stories are being left as it is. 

Apparently, aside from Seiji(Mamo) who is aware of the HEM world, Chinnen(SugiTomo) is also facing the same condition as Seiji. People around Chinnen died one by one following his dream in the world of HEM and he faces death in the end.

For more bits of humours, watch the spin-off that came along with the main movie. As suggested by the title "Spin-off", this short movie is a side story focusing on a side character from the main storyline in the world of HEM - Mr1(Morimori), Mr.2(Iwata Mitsuo), Mr.0(SekiTomo) and Mr.3(Morikubo Shoutarou). Mr.3 was somehow stuck inside a toilet bowl and his companions Mr.1, Mr.2 and Mr.0 tried to find various ways to rescue the stucked man. 

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IGIARI trailer revealed!!!!

The official and clearer trailer for Gyakuten Saiban The Movie!!!

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Garo craze is back!!!


Garo is back with the second season, Garo Makai Senki and after much dilly-dallying to catch it by weekly basis or to wait for the whole season to end before marathoning it, I decided to catch it (currently released till Ep. 4 when I wrote this entry). So far, I've only managed to watch Ep. 1 and like always, it is still as awesome as how Season 1 went; The awesome Knights design, the awesome 3D animation renderring and of course, the awesome Konishi Hiroki/Konishi Ryosei . I wish there are new knights design coming out in this second season!!!!

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Bits of official trailer for Gyakuten Saiban The Movie leaked


Look out for more at the movie official website!!!!

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Gyakuten Saiban turning Live Action!!!


Recently, Gyakuten official site has been actively leaking the bits of photos of the upcoming live action of Gyakuten Saiban starring Narimiya Hiroki as Naruhodo/Phoenix, Saito Takumi as Mitsurugi/Edgeworth and Kiritani Mirei as Maya/Mayoi and directed by Miike Takashi (also the director of Keitai Sousakan 7).

Some of the leak photos of the backdrop can be found through their Capcom's official blog of the movie at HERE.

An official website for this live action movie has been launched, without the sub-pages at the moment. Just stay tuned to more updates for the official website HERE.

While on Capcom website, you can watch short clip of Narimiya introduction to the movie HERE.

The backdrops seems promising and with Narimiya's posses as Naruhodo in a few of the photos that are being circulated around the internet, I'm a bit more convinced that this movie is going to do as good as or even better than Nodame Cantabile live action (seriously, Nodame Cantabile live action is the only live action that I agree that it is a successful live action compared to the other series).

This is not the first time that Gyakuten Saiban is being adapted into live action. Takarazuka Kagekidan did their own stage play of this series as well back in the year of 2009, using the English version names of the characters in the game.

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Gantz to be in M'sia cinema screen

GSC is bringing in Gantz live action movie, adapted from the famous, same title Japanese anime/manga by Oku Hiroya. Starring Ninomiya Kazunari and Matsuyama Kenichi, don't forget to catch them at GSC screen In April 2011.

Visit their official website at HERE.

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