Hanayaka Nari Waga Ichizoku~ Tasogare Polarstar ~Kisuke's Good ED CG


While most of the boys and girls of the marriageable age of Taisho era are subjected to their parents match-making to find their partner of life, both Haru and Kisuke of course, walk the other way round. Both of them dreamt of having love marriage which to most of the people of that era, only exist in the romance novels that they read. Kisuke has been turned down from being Genichirou's exclusive informant to the Miyanomori brothers informant. While feeling down because of this, he is quickly cheered up by Haru & Chitomi and work his best to serve the brothers(although they gave him various tasks that have nothing to do with getting information at all).

Kisuke's route is more like a classic storyline of we met, we love each other, we married and we live together until our old days in happiness kind of story so whoever love this classic premise, you might like Kisuke's storyline~

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Hanayaka Nari Waga Ichizoku~ Tasogare Polarstar ~Isami's Good ED CG


A man with high ambition. First, he wants to be the General of the army that he is serving. Second, he wants to be the next Head of the Miyanomori family. Third, of course, to make Haru his(well, marrying Haru in other words. Just how possesive he is LOL~). And he wants all of these three to come true by the time he marry Haru. While he can be acting rashly and ignoring the feelings of people around him, he learns to be more mature and considerate over others throughout the game alongside with Haru.

After completing the two younger brothers routes, I thought that in Polarstar, Isami's ending would be the continuation of Kinema Mozaic's ending but it turns out different. Well, in Kinema Mozaic's ending, Isami and Haru had a child of course and before heading towards Polarstar ending, I've been guessing that it might be  the extended ending of Haru, Isami & their child but it turns out to be Haru and Isami strolling on Ginza street while heading to parlour for some sweets.

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Hanayaka Nari Waga Ichizoku~ Tasogare Polarstar ~Hiroshi's Good ED CG


Both in their 19s and while they promised each other to meet again once Hiroshi succeeded in his career and life and Haru settle down with her family matters, their fate bring them to meet face to face again right after about 3 months after they parted due to Hiroshi uncertainty towards what he wished to pursue for his future. While his initial reason to become a doctor is to safe his father life who is diagnosed with cancer, his hope fell down when he learnt that his father has about few months to survive. Hence in the midst of struggling over the time limit and deciding whether to continue his medical route or throw it away and take the route that he always dreamt of, to become an innovator, Haru came to light in guiding his confidence back to himself.

In the end, both of them moved to England where Hiroshi continued his study in medical

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Hanayaka Nari Waga Ichizoku~ Tasogare Polarstar ~Masashi's Good ED CG



The married couple walk on the street holding hands(while I hope that there is a CG of their kids). This scene is the continuation of the ending from Kinema Mozaic, the first fandisk. What surprised me the most while playing Masashi's route was, both Tsuyoshi and Masashi spoke in ENGLISH!!!! YES, ENGLISH!!!! Though I can't really make sense out of what the hell they were saying coz it's horrible(i'm sorry Okamoto-san & Tamura-san) especially, Masashi's that I'm laughing out hard like a mad woman. Masashi graduated from Teidai and became a prosecutor while at the same time, managing all of Miyanomori's businesses and affairs as the head of Miyanomori family.

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[Stage] Hanayaka Nari Waga Ichizoku Opera Kaleido casts announced

The official website has just announced the casts for the stage version of this otome game from Idea Factory and these three casts are really a surprise!!!!

Miyauchi Atsushi as Miyanomori Tadashi
miyauchi atsushi tadashi

Tasaka Hideki as Miyanomori Isami
tasaka hideki isami

Maeda Takeshi as Miyanomori Shigeru

maeda takeshi shigeru

The three casts above also lend their voices to their respective characters in the original game. Surprisingly, Miyauchi-san LOOKS SO YOUNG, HANDSOME AND THE CLOSEST TO HIS OWN CHARACTER OMG@(*@$IHJD()#*)W*&EYSJWJWU*F(EW

While the rest of the casts are~

Ino Hiroki as Miyanomori Susumu
ino hiroki susumu

Saeki Ryou as Miyanomori Hiroshi
saeki ryou hiroshi

Sakurai Keito as Miyanomori Masashi
sakurai keito masashi

and our female lead, Haru will be play by Shiraishi Haruka
shiraishi haruka haru

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Quick update

Dooms day & CF2012 passed just this weekend. Event was fun(I think the best one for years I've attended Comic Fiesta ) with everyone around and hosting akane & taking both her & Dai Lou out for food made me exercise more(I have legs pain on Christmas eve and Christmas day ).

The human traffic at the event was amazing. Congratulation to CF for growing bigger and bigger each year!!!!


More story under the cuts


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