Japan's trip #1- Yokohama & Tales of Festival 2013

Great escape from everyday routine indeed when I had a trip to Japan with my friend. We went to Yokohama for the first few days and resides at Tokyo for the rest of the trip. Of course not losing the chance to catch some seiyuu events to attend namely Tales of Festival 2013 & Otomate Party 2013 aside from the usual visiting the famous spots.

Day 1 - Day 2 - pre & Day 1 Tales of Festival
Our Day 1 to Day 3 mainly focusing on the Tales of Festival 2013 event. We went to the Yokohama Arena on the first day to grab some event goodies and to try out their cafe foods which came with free goodies. Perhaps we catch the good timing arriving at the event hall so we need not to lineup to purchase the official goodies although some of the goodies sold out for the day. Right after that, we headed to the Tales Of cafe to grab some character lunches(along with limited free goodies that comes with the lunches). After catching with what needed at the event area, we met up with Camelia and she brought us to walk around Yokohama and had dinner before heading back to our hostel to pickup some stuff.

Day 1 of the event falls on Day 2 of our trip. Lookie at the sea of human!!!!


Just to take the flower bouquets alone. Mamo alone had 3 bouquets on display. 

While waiting for the event to start, we were greeted with opening movies of all of the released Tales of series games and of course, fans inside the hall was cheering along with the movies. Just around 20 minutes before the start of the event, we were further greeted with event rules and guides by our Tales characters!http://livedoor.blogcms.jp/blog/springyuki/article/edit?id=65751230

On the first day, we have Onosaka Masaya, Kawaragi Shiho, Iwao Junko, Konishi Katsuyuki & Okiayu Ryoutaro cosplaying their respective character in full force. Yonaga Tsubasa was wearing only the costume though while the rest of the casts did tried to wear some part of their own character costume on-stage except for Toriumi Kousuke and Midorikawa Hikaru. The most hilarious would be Okki. He first came onto the stage in Dymlos kigurumi on his head and the whole viewers in the arena was laughing out aloud.

The short skit this year is focusing on celebrating Yuri and Leon for topping the chart of the character poll. Near the end of the talk corner, there was a fruit cake brought out by the staff with Yuri and Leon character drawn onto it. Our celebratory stars of the night, Toriumi & Midorikawa even feed each other with piece of the cake!!!!  (and not to forget Shimono being kicked on his ass a few times...hard)

Not to forget the announcements of new releases especially Tales of Symphonia: Unisonant Pack, a game that combine both ToS and ToS & ToS sequel on PS3. We have Misono live performance right after that and Day1 event wrapped up after the closing words from the casts for the night.

Day 3 - Tales of Festival Day 2
Since we have completed our event goods shopping list, we arrived later on Day 2, just at the nick of the gate opening time. While we are waiting for the show to start, we noticed a girl at the front seat is playing ToHR on her PSV.

Before the starting of the event, we have opening movies as per day 1 but this time around, the fans in the arena hall were more proactive in cheering. The whole 10,000+ attendees(well most of them) were actually flashing their lightstick and the color changes depending on the title of the opening movies.

We have none of the casts cosplaying this time around but we have them down the stage running around the arena seats. Of course fans were cheering out aloud when the casts were standing and running around the area. The best memory from this session would be Sakupyon's live musical (while Kawaragi-san & Onosaka play along with him). Others, we have the casts of the day mimicking the voice of other characters present on Day 2 during the talk session. Right after that, a long winded promotions announcement by emcee Onosaka & Kawaragi-san and finally singing performance by Deen. The event wrapped up as usual with closing words by casts of the day.

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Quick update

Dooms day & CF2012 passed just this weekend. Event was fun(I think the best one for years I've attended Comic Fiesta ) with everyone around and hosting akane & taking both her & Dai Lou out for food made me exercise more(I have legs pain on Christmas eve and Christmas day ).

The human traffic at the event was amazing. Congratulation to CF for growing bigger and bigger each year!!!!


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Comic Fiesta 2011 Day 2 report~

As usual, less words, more photos in the cut below

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Comic Fiesta 2011 Day 1 report~

Last weekend was fun despite the unexpected hoo haas by the KLCC management team during the event. Well, at least I do admit that aside from the hoo haas, I did enjoyed with my friends. Okay, less words, more photos!

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Journey to Tokyo Street @ Pavillion

Went for a yamcha session with my high school buddies at Pavillion last Sunday and we came upon a signboard of Tokyo Street, which is newly open. So we decided to pay the street a visit. Our walk from Wong Kok Restaurant where we were having dinner to Tokyo street wasn't long as it is situated right at the opposite end. Upon arriving at the entrance walkway, we saw a welcome signboard surrounded by handicrafted sakura tree, exhibition of Japanese potteries, attires, etc and blast of a Japanese old song


And the rest of our journey in the cut below......


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