CosPlan [Up Sept 3, 2013]


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Everyone had fun and real fun. Thanks to all of you!!!!!!


And I slept like a log and went to work like a zombie the next day~

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AFAMY2012 に迎える~ ワンドオブフォーチュン


6 more days and the clock is ticking 後少しだけセットは完成いたします~頑張りまっす

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C2AGE 2012 Day 1 & Day 2

Day 1 as Dr. Irabu Ichirou from Kuuchuu Buranko

Day 2 as Takamahara Kugami from KanuchiWhite ver.

All in all, it was a fun event and we ended up with lotsa kuso shots in our own cameras and phones.

I'm seriously happy that we made it for C2AGE with our Kanuchi plan which we had to postpone last time during CF2011 due to some problems at the location. Really many thanks to Cres laopo, Sam jie & Cam and Da S & Xiao S & also the 2 days worth of Chatime's Sakura sencha that I had a great time~ THANK YOU &  U ALL

Not to mention people that i have long time never meet; Celin(she doesn't want me to call her leng lui but leng chai instead), Pu Kwong and Razrig(although he can't remember me everytime ). Thanks to you all for taking pictures for all of us~ Thank you Thank you Thank you 10000xxxxxxx

An event to be remember as my first time wearing contact lenses & cosplaying without blur vision after for like 7-8years into this hobby (not something to be proud of anyway)

Looking forward to June's AFA MY2012

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CF2011 Costume Progress #3

Pictures speak the word 続きを読む

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CF2011 Costumes progress #2

Teiden Shoujo to Hanemushi no Orchestra


Only left with the flower headpiece, inner red shirt and the shoe~ Shopping time woohooo~~~ 


Kanuchi ~Shiroki no Tsubasa~ 


Left with royal hat, obi & the trouser~ Another weekend for sewing and crafting 

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