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[Stage] Hanayaka Nari Waga Ichizoku Opera Kaleido casts announced

The official website has just announced the casts for the stage version of this otome game from Idea Factory and these three casts are really a surprise!!!!

Miyauchi Atsushi as Miyanomori Tadashi
miyauchi atsushi tadashi

Tasaka Hideki as Miyanomori Isami
tasaka hideki isami

Maeda Takeshi as Miyanomori Shigeru

maeda takeshi shigeru

The three casts above also lend their voices to their respective characters in the original game. Surprisingly, Miyauchi-san LOOKS SO YOUNG, HANDSOME AND THE CLOSEST TO HIS OWN CHARACTER OMG@(*@$IHJD()#*)W*&EYSJWJWU*F(EW

While the rest of the casts are~

Ino Hiroki as Miyanomori Susumu
ino hiroki susumu

Saeki Ryou as Miyanomori Hiroshi
saeki ryou hiroshi

Sakurai Keito as Miyanomori Masashi
sakurai keito masashi

and our female lead, Haru will be play by Shiraishi Haruka
shiraishi haruka haru

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[Review] Drama CD ぼく、オタリーマン Boku, Otariman7th Seiyuu Award results