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To check out the updates of these:

Takuyo's  Getsuei no Kusari 
Site: HERE

Rejet's  Ken ga kimi [P/S: This is a surprise. Rejet is going jidaigeki オオーw(*゚o゚*)w] 
Site: HERE

Plan Peace's Solomon's Ring [P/S: A little touch of Islam in otoge w(゚o゚)w オオー!]
Site: HERE

Karin's Eikoku Tantei Mysteria [P/S: Karin games yay!!!! v( ̄∇ ̄)v]
Site: HERE

Rejet X IM's Tiny X MachineGun [P/S: They are going to release a game for this series YAYYYY!!!! v( ̄∇ ̄)v]
Site: HERE

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[Review] ディズニー・デート~声の王子様~ 第2章 ~Love Stories~4

ディズニー 声の王子様 第2章~Love Stories~ Deluxe Edition (2枚組ALBUM)ディズニー 声の王子様 第2章~Love Stories~ Deluxe Edition (2枚組ALBUM)

Ishida Akira, Kamiya Hiroshi, Shimono Hiro, Seki Tomokazu, Sakurai Takahiro, Midorikawa Hikaru, Okiayu Ryoutarou, Okamoto Nobuhiko, Yamadera Kouichi

Disc 1:
Music & story reading CD. Contained seiyuu covers of Disney songs

1) Snow White ~Reading~ - Ishida Akira
2) Hey Ho [Snow White] - Kamiya Hiroshi
3) Kiss The Girl [Little Mermaid] - Shimono Hiro
4) You'll be in My Heart [Tarzan] - Seki Tomokazu
5) La La Lu~ [Lady and The Tramp] - Sakurai Takahiro
6) Love is a song [Bambi] - Midorikawa Hikaru
7) Bella Notte [Lady and The Tramp] - Okiayu Ryoutaro
8) Good Company [Oliver & Company] - Okamoto Nobuhiko
9) Great Spirits [Brother Bear] - Yamadera Kouichi
10) Rapunzel ~Reading~ - Yamadera Kouichi

Disc 2: 
Contains duet songs as well as half-instrumental songs~

1) Beauty & The Beast [Beauty & The Beast] - Okiayu Ryoutaro & Seki Tomokazu
2) Hakuna Matata [Lion King] - Okamoto Nobuhiko & Shimono Hiro
3) I see the light [Rapunzel] - Midorikawa Hikaru & Sakurai Takahiro
4) Everybody Wants to be a cat [The Aristocats] - Yamadera Kouichi & Yamadera Kouichi
5) Beauty & The Beast [Beauty & The Beast] - Seki Tomokazu (without Okiayu Ryoutaro)
6) Hakuna Matata [Lion King] - Shimono Hiro (without Okamoto Nobuhiko)
7) I see the light [Rapunzel] - Midorikawa Hikaru (without Sakurai Takahiro)
8) Everybody Wants to be a cat [The Aristocats] - Yamadera Kouichi (without Yamadera Kouichi)
9) Beauty & The Beast [Beauty & The Beast] - Okiayu Ryoutaro (without Seki Tomokazu)
10) Hakuna Matata [Lion King] - Okamoto Nobuhiki (without Shimono Hiro)
11) I see the light [Rapunzel] - Sakurai Takahiro (without Midorikawa Hikaru)
12) Everybody Wants to be a cat [The Aristocats] - Yamadera Kouichi (without Yamadera Kouichi)

The second CD released!!!! Songs selection and seiyuu selection this time around are definitely far better than the first CD by a lot!!!! Instead of coming out with one CD containing drama & one song CD like the first CD, the second volume comes with both music CDs(which some of them are duets) with 2 story reading tracks.

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[Review] Ayatsuri Pierrot no Monogatari5

販売元:SMD itaku (music)

Once upon a time, in a small town, a marionette named Ariosha was born. He was made by a famous puppet-maker of the town, Ivan for his granddaughter, Arisa. Given the name Ariosha(named after Arisa's deceased father), he became close to Arisa day-by-day and slowly learn the heart & ways of the human world.

However, precious moments with Arisa don't last long~ Ivan's family is landed with poverty and Ariosha was sold to a rich family in the neighbouring town bearing along the sadness of parting with Arisa, his fate as a marrionette and as a token to thank Ivan & Arisa for teaching him about the human world.

Ariosha's journey through years in the human world starts from this point; meeting a boy named Miron who dreams of opening a circus of his own, meeting an unknown lady who is crying when they met for the first time and it turns out that she has to marry a man of her family's choice at the last time when they meet and through ups & downs when wars are everywhere and human lives are taken in front of him.

Lastly, he ended up in an antique toy shop in a modern city after many years passed. Elena visits the little shop in order to purchase a present for her grandson. Surprisingly, she saw Ariosha, a marionette that Miron used to describe to her "has soul & understand human feeling" way back when she was young before marrying her husband to a far away town.

Narrator語り手 : Kusao Takeshi 草尾 毅
Elena(Old)エレーナ(老婦人) : Matsuo Keiko 松尾佳子
Toy shop owner店主 : Kousuke Meguro目黒光祐
Ivanイワン : Maruyama Eiji丸山詠ニ
Arisaアリサ : Higashiyama Nao 東山奈央
Customer客 : Takehiro Hasu 蓮岳大
Mironミロン : Terashima Takuma 寺島拓篤
Elena(Young)エレーナ(少女) : Kayano Ai 茅野愛衣
Elena's エレーナの恋人 : Fujiwara Yuki 藤原祐規

This Drama CD is actually based on the Ayatsuri Pierrot song series written by NEM and sung by a famous utaitte pair: Asamack(Asamaru & Jack). I gotta say that I cried buckets of tear from the beginning till the end of the story. For a Drama CD which is based on an utaitte song series, I have to praised them for the well written storyline & script.

I'm actually hesitating at first to listen because of the casts list: the fact that I only know Terashima Takuma-san from the list above. But I don't regret it after giving it a shot coz the casts selection is VERY GOOD! Plus, the story roughly took place in the era which is my favourite era of story~

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[Anime] Hanayaka Nari Waga Ichizoku Kinetograph

Official site is long opened and at least they have more information on their website right now that it deserves a blog post . It's gonna be a 2 episodes long OVA and the first episode will be release this year while the second episode will be release next year. Get ready to catch the Miyanomori brothers animated (Masashi for me )~ It is confirmed that the casts list are the same casts from the game itself except for Haru, the main female lead in the game & this coming soon anime adaptation.


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[PSP] TYB PSP official site online~


Visit the official site TOKYO YAMANOTE BOYS PSP

Site is only open with teaser video & PV. More updates will come soon.

Hopefully the game will be the bundle of all series of TYB released last year(2011) on PC platform.  Now that when I observe the teaser cover of the website, I noticed something about Lucy that I never noticed before. How the hell does he walk in that kind of shoes!? 

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[Review] Uwasaya 噂屋4

「噂屋」(ドラマCD) (OMEGA LABEL)「噂屋」(ドラマCD) (OMEGA LABEL)

Uemura Takitaro is a loner. He has nothing but genius skill in cosplaying as his hobby and best friend Kusaka Asami, the only one who knows his hobby. This secret hobby is however, discovered by Tominaga Hana, a rising famous teen model and this piques her interest to pull him into UC, a mysterious company that consisted of group of skilled members Masutatsu Kurusu(IT hacker), Koizumi Nao(Fortune teller), Tominaga Hana herself and leads by Saekusa Kudan, the company president. As per the name UC, this company uses and manipulates rumours and legends in order to solve mysterious or criminal cases.

Track 1: Night Blindness Man (Manga chapter 1)
Takitaro's only best friend, Kusaka Asami became one of the victims of the famous chain killer in town, Night Blindness Man who targets girls by removing their eyeballs. In order to seek for revenge, he joined UC as character actor, cosplaying as the rumours/legends subject in order to lure out the criminal.

Track 2: Gentle Game (Manga chapter 2) 
A work request came in from Sakashita Shoichi, a famous game designer. In order to promote his upcoming new horror game which has yet to be release, he requested for the UC members service to spread the rumour that "anyone who owned the game will be cursed" so that it will becomes popular upon its release. While Takitaro is in action(cosplaying as a long hair ghost in red dress) in order to spread the rumour, he saw a spirit of the same shape. This leads to not just  as simple as promotion of a yet to be release horror game but more secrets than that.

Track 3: Corpse of the crow (Manga chapter 3)
Crows are killed and their corpses are dump at various areas in town. UC is appointed by a mysterious man this time to spread a rumour in order to protect the crows from the bizzarre killings. 

Uemura Takitaro上村滝太郎 : Namikawa Daisuke浪川大輔
Taminaga Hana登美永 花 : Tanaka Rie田中理恵
Kurusu Masutatsu来須益経 : Hino Satoshi日野聡
Koizumi Nao小泉ナオ: Matsuoka Yuki松岡由貴
Saegusa Kyudan三枝九段 : Fujiwara Keiji藤原啓治
Kusaka Asami草加麻美 : Koshimizu Ami小清水亜美


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