[Stage] Hanayaka Nari Waga Ichizoku Opera Kaleido casts announced

The official website has just announced the casts for the stage version of this otome game from Idea Factory and these three casts are really a surprise!!!!

Miyauchi Atsushi as Miyanomori Tadashi
miyauchi atsushi tadashi

Tasaka Hideki as Miyanomori Isami
tasaka hideki isami

Maeda Takeshi as Miyanomori Shigeru

maeda takeshi shigeru

The three casts above also lend their voices to their respective characters in the original game. Surprisingly, Miyauchi-san LOOKS SO YOUNG, HANDSOME AND THE CLOSEST TO HIS OWN CHARACTER OMG@(*@$IHJD()#*)W*&EYSJWJWU*F(EW

While the rest of the casts are~

Ino Hiroki as Miyanomori Susumu
ino hiroki susumu

Saeki Ryou as Miyanomori Hiroshi
saeki ryou hiroshi

Sakurai Keito as Miyanomori Masashi
sakurai keito masashi

and our female lead, Haru will be play by Shiraishi Haruka
shiraishi haruka haru

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[Review] Drama CD ぼく、オタリーマン Boku, Otariman4

キャラアニ ドラマCDシリーズ ぼく、オタリーマン。キャラアニ ドラマCDシリーズ ぼく、オタリーマン。 [CD]
出版: キャラアニ

31 years old, Occupation: Salaryman, Relationship status: Single(not attached), plus a closet otaku. This drama CD based on same title comedy manga which tells the everyday life and common encounters of Yoshitani as a salaryman.

よしたに :Miyano Mamoru宮野真守
源さん :Kugiyama Rie釘宮理恵
ム○ゴロウさん:Bandou Naoki 坂東尚樹
お客様a:Iguchi Yuka 井口裕香
先輩:Ichijo Kazuya一条和矢
山上くん:Shiono Katsumi 塩野勝美
同僚:Abe Atsushi 阿部敦
あいつ(上司):Sugino Hiroomi 杉野博臣
K嶋:Takahashi Shinya 高橋伸也
アサミ:Sanada Asami 真田アサミ
ヨーコ:Okajima Tae 岡嶋妙
図書委員:Horie Yui 堀江由衣
彼女:Kazumi Kana 阿澄佳奈
森山くん: Hirakawa Daisuke 平川大輔
後輩(女): Hanazawa Kana 花澤香菜

Okay~ SO FAR THIS IS THE DRAMA CD THAT I FIND IT VERY AMUSING among all of the drama CDs that I ever heard of. If you are a working adult(especially office jobs), listening to this will definitely make you feel deja vu. It tells every single encounters/jobs/problems that perhaps everyone of us salaryman(well I'm a salaryman as well) will goes through along the way in our everyday life, in a comedic way while hitting the marks~

Further making this drama CD interesting is of course Mamo's voice. I seriously love how he potrayed this funny yet pitiful Yoshitani in this drama CD Thanks to him that I laugh so much~


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[Review] ドラマCD 戦国ストレイズ3

ドラマCD 戦国ストレイズドラマCD 戦国ストレイズ
販売元:Frontier Works Inc.(PLC)(M)

Kusanagi Kasane is an ordinary high school girl who is very good at kendou and she has two brothers (twins). One day as she tries to protect her brother from an accident, timeslips occurs and she is sent back to the Senkoku period. She then meets Oda Nobunaga, a famous and powerful politician back in the Sengoku period, as well as his followers!

織田上総介信長Oda Kazusanosuke Nobunaga : Toriumi Kousuke鳥海浩輔
草薙かさねKusanagi Kasane: Saitou Chiwa斎藤千和
丹羽五郎左衛門長秀Niwa Gorouzaemon Nagahide: Tachibana Shinosuke立花慎之介
佐々内蔵助成政Sassakuranosuke Narimasa: Kamiya Hiroshi神谷浩史
前田又左衛門利家Maeda Matazaemon Toshiie: Ono Daisuke小野大輔
織田信行Oda Nobuyuki: Miyano Mamoru宮野真守
藤吉郎Toukichirou(Toyotomi Hideyoshi): Yusa Kouji遊佐浩二
毛利新助Mouri Yoshikatsu: Kakihara Tetsuya柿原徹也
河尻与兵衛秀隆Kawajiri Yohee Hidetaka: Uchida Yuuya内田夕夜
服部小平太Hattori Katsutada: Suzuki Tatsuhisa鈴木達央

Based on the manga with the same title. This drama CD is pretty much the summary of chapters between Volume 1 & Volume 2 of the manga. If your preference flow towards strong-willed and tough main girl, this series is totally recommended. Though I must stress that there is no romance(or maybe there will be a bit in the future if the mangaka decided to throw in some hints of it) as I has the impression that the mangaka plans to throw Kasane back to her own time, parting with the Sengoku heroes she meets right now, becomes the national kendo champion and successing her grandfather's dojo - pretty much gearing towards typical shounen manga ending. Due to the nature of the time setting, the story is heavily historical based: with a lot of wars and fightings going on and you'll see how Kasane involves herself in the affairs of the old Japan with her skill in Kendo and her strong spirit as a fighter.

What more you can ask when the casts list are made of awesomeness~ Toriumi-san as Oda Nobunaga(!?) and I'm pretty much fangirling over him throughout the whole drama CD. OnoD's Maeda Toshiie reminds me so much of Hajime(Vitamin X), that he himself also lending his voice to bearing resemblances from animals lover to gluttony I wish Nouhime could be given the chance to appears in this series drama CD as well (The mangaka depiction of Nouhime in this series is )

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M.O.E (羽多野渉&寺島拓篤) - Tactics [るろうに剣心ED THEME]4

ミニアルバム もっと笑顔になるCD 〈豪華盤〉ミニアルバム もっと笑顔になるCD 〈豪華盤〉

ギラッとした君の目に ドキッとした昼下がり
シャキッとした俺の体 まるで試されてるように
ツンとした君と空気に ゾクッとした恋心は
ザラッとした砂を噛み されるがまま夜になる

そろそろ自慢のくちびるで ワインを飲ませてくれないか
満月の夜に結ばれた 男と女は永遠さ

激しくLady Ah gimme your love
妖しくLady I need your love
素直にLady Ah gimme your love
感じてみてLady I need your love

サラッとした髪をとき ツヤッとした肌をよせ
言葉遊びをするように 君は俺をもて遊ぶ CRAZY~

駆け引きは強い君の中 過ちは弱い俺の中
好きなだけ楽しめばいいさ 男と女は永遠さ

激しくLady Ah gimme your love
妖しくLady I need your love

嘘か本当かわからない~ OH~~
素直にLady Ah gimme your love
感じてみてLady I need your love


永遠に踊る 永遠に踊る~

゜゚*☆*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆゜゚*☆*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆゜゚*☆*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆゜゚*☆*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆゜゚*☆*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆゜゚*

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Quick update

Dooms day & CF2012 passed just this weekend. Event was fun(I think the best one for years I've attended Comic Fiesta ) with everyone around and hosting akane & taking both her & Dai Lou out for food made me exercise more(I have legs pain on Christmas eve and Christmas day ).

The human traffic at the event was amazing. Congratulation to CF for growing bigger and bigger each year!!!!


More story under the cuts


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[Review] Tiny X MachineGun File 1 [The Knockdown]4

Tiny×Machinegun FILE:1 THE KNOCKDOWNTiny×Machinegun FILE:1 THE KNOCKDOWN

Took place in the peaceful city of New York, Tiny McDaniel, a newly joined young policewoman of the famous Captain VANEAST police team tries to prove the worth of her existance and ability of herself as a policewoman within the team and especially to her brother, Reigand, a recognized successful and excellent policeman. Since her admission into the police team, she has been doing odd jobs(being a police idol) instead of involving in big cases that require crimes solving and arresting the criminals. Being frequently overshadowed by the name McDaniel and Reigand's successes instead of being accepted for who she is, she aimed to solve a crime by herself to prove her ability and to get the recognition from the people around her.

While the other police members are busy with the mission of protecting, Lian Jenkins, the son of the mayor of New York city during an event to celebrate the launch of his new creation, Tiny sneaked into the file room and picked up a case from there and finally she arrived at the criminal's worn-out apartment to make the arrest. However, the task is not as easy as she thought it could be when she is facing the said criminal: Midou Zen who used to be the super hero of Captain VANEAST before he left the team.

タイニー・マクダニエルTiny McDaniel : Tamura Yukari 田村ゆかり
レイガンド・マクダニエル Reigand McDaniel :Sakurai Takahiro 櫻井孝宏
御堂ゼン Midou Zen : Fujiwara Keiji 藤原啓治
ウルフ Wolf : Toriumi Kousuke 鳥海浩輔
マリア Maria : Orisaka Ai 折笠愛
ライアン・ジェンキンス Lian Jenkins: Miki Shinichirou 三木眞一郎
ブレイク Break: Suzuki Tatsuhisa 鈴木達央
トム Tom : Morikubo Shoutarou 森久保祥太郎
ジェリー Jerry : Yonaga Tsubasa 代永翼

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